Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Some two years ago or so, the artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, a married couple, committed a double suicide. Duncan was the first to go; she was found in the couple's apartment in the Saint Mark's on-the-bowery church rectory. Blake, her husband, killed himself a week later by walking into the ocean.

Normally I don't revel in this kind of gritty shit, but I feel like I would have met these two at some point. They were friends with Frank Morales and Amy Sacco (my friend's cousin, and whose club Bungalow 8 was named after one of Blake's paintings); they were into the D.C. punk scene; this is just a strange, strange story about love that transcended everything, i guess?




  1. they weren't married. "just the facts" ???
    i think not.

  2. hmm, you seem to be correct. although you have taken my writing a little too seriously - this isn't the wit of the staircase, after all...