Saturday, December 6, 2008

Paranoia bursts out of my subconscious

My friends Emily, John, and I were driving around some anonymous north- western NJ town. We were just driving, talking about things we normally talk about. Then we went to Emily's house, except it wasn't her normal house. She had interesting things stockpiled in boxes - moleskine notebooks, prada bags, fucking random shit. I was sifting through it all. Then we left, we went to our parents' friends' house; they were artists/craftspeople, and they were trying to get us to buy their african masks, etc. Their house was flooding though, so we left.
When we got back to Emily's house, someone had broken in. They started shooting at us from outside, we kept trying to hide in the backyard but remained pitifully obvious. John was gone at this point. I was shooting back with a toy gun, but obviously it was really fake.
We got out okay, but I then went on a quest to buy a gun. No matter where I went, nobody had any guns; I was driving up and down this route-46-ish road at two in the morning, stopping at random shops, but no one had any guns. Eventually I went to this candy shop/arcade/gokarting place. My brother was there with all these random people. I asked a woman where I could buy a gun - a Glock or a nice handgun, but all she had where these prototype "mind" guns, where you fired them via telekinesis. They seemed ineffective and unwieldy, so I walked away.
Suddenly I was running, and being shot at again. I saw John, and he started yelling at me that it was the government who were after us. It all made sense, and I noticed that as we ran, an unending series of cameras were tracking us. I saw people falling out of the sky. We were the victims of some pseudo anti-terrorist control scheme, and I saw visions of our executions.

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