Sunday, November 2, 2008

18th Birthday: 13 Days!!!

so haha about me... i don't really think this is necessary because, for real, no one is going to read any of this. Except maybe my three friends... but whatever. My name is Katherine, I was born in Manhattan and have lived in staten island/DIRTEE JERZEY. I have brown-blond hair glasses and am about 5'5". I'm half hungarian and cuban, half Scotch-Irish, German, and French-Canadian. Blah blah blah superficial bullshit :here: Really this is not a fashion blog or w/e so Im not going to get into that stuff BUT its fun to imagine who you are reading about. Vhat else... not a hell of a lot, i suppose. As usual, i have a large project due tomorrow I have yet to begin. What else is new?

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