Monday, February 1, 2010

Beauty in Growth, or The Secret to Life is Death

The connections we can't see are the most important and the most resonant imaginable. The blood in your veins brings oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. Stimulation early in life creates a sophisticated map for neural firing. When we travel through heat or cold, become dehydrated or intoxicated, stagnate or move on, we stretch our physical limits and set new mental precedents for our own behavior.

Every day, the modern world tries to castrate our primitive selves and replace the transcendent mechanisms of our bodies and minds with chemical falsities and programming. Someone much wiser than me, counseling me on my omniscient depression, told me to find solace in growth. Stretch your spine and feel the neurons firing in every section of your brain, the miracle of form and function that evolution's created. The events of your past and your future are a fluid web of actions and reactions - every time you blink, you create entire parallel universes. Every time you step forward, burn your hand, kiss good bye, you're creating a thousand worlds that you can't even see.

It's ridiculous to imagine that we have the ability to judge our own lives. I won't be done living until I breathe my last breath. Until then, you can find me on a rooftop when the sun sets.

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