Wednesday, February 11, 2009

roofhoppin and stuff

Well here it is, ten past eleven and I'm doing pretty much everything known to man except what i should be doing ...

I've thought of a great idea for a short story involving camping, bears, peanut butter, baseball, and falling in love.

I've stalked the entire class of 09 on facebook.

I've gotten another rice cake with peanut butter.

Recently, I've been reading very good books, which is incredible because my taste was overwhelmingly poor for ages. From 7th grade to 9th grade, my standard oeuvre was Gossip Girl, hilarious books about UK girls, and awful books about awful drug problems. What a waste, although fortunately i got it out of my system early, as opposed to those who continue to read Phillippa Gregory, Nicholas Sparks, Meg Cabot, and Robert Patterson well into their adult (and geriatric) lives.

I'm in the process of reading "The Invisible Constitution," "House of Leaves," "Atlas Shrugged," and "I Am Charlotte Simmons." I just finished Ron Paul's "Revolution," "No Country for Old Men," and others I can't remember at this point. Maybe its because I don't really watch TV anymore (except for How its Made and Cribs), but my reading abilities have skyrocketed, proof positive that the retard box really does mess up your brain.

anyway, Nobody really cares about my idiotic life. but what the hell.

I really would like to get some tattoos, but like smoking, driving with really loud music, and weird hair, i'm pretty sure this falls under the category of "things I do in the presence of others to make them think I'm cool" (except for the music thing). If you want to live a happy, healthy, and comfortable life, only do things that you like for yourself. i figured out a long time ago, for example, that although girls who wear makeup always look awesome... i just can't do it. for the life of me. Or costumey clothes - give me a pair of jeans and a sweater any day.

IDK speaking of clothes i got new running shoes today, and actually went running. can't wait to see how long this lasts, probably until my lazy ass glues itself to my bed again. I really hate exercise. With all my heart and soul. but it feels... necessary? hmm.

kind of like college. I've applied to every school on the goddamned continent except rutgers. Maybe that's why it feels like i'm not going to be able to get into/afford any of the ones i did apply to.

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